Shark RS


The hand bike choice of champions.
The award-winning QUICKIE Shark RS hand bike - the choice of champions. The Shark RS’s new innovative frame is designed to allow for the best individual positioning and performance.

The Shark RS hand bike was voted Best Product of the Year 2013 at the Plus X awards.


Product Description

The Handcycle with Bite. Meet the Quickie Shark® Handcycle, the new handcycle from Sunrise Medical. Featuring an innovative frame design, the Shark handcycle optimizes riding performance while reducing weight and providing increased adjustability. Advanced features, such as the vertical crank-adjustment, X-link frame separation-mechanism, and ergonomic seat-design, transport the handcyclist to a new level of speed and performance.


Ergonomic Seat and Back

The multi-adjustable ergonomic seat and backrest provide optimum load dispersion. Seven large and three fine seat-depth settings, as well as three adjustable seat-heights, provide riders optimal seat positioning. The backrest can also be set to any angle between 30° and 90°.

Adjustable Arm-Crank

The extremely lightweight state-of-the-art Three-way adjustable arm-crank is a technical masterpiece. It can be individually suited to the rider’s specific seat-angle position, arm length, and riding technique. If desired, customized cranks can even be made to fit a specified measurement.

X-Link Detachment Mechanism

The X-Link detachment mechanism, available on the two-piece frame model, is a new concept in detachable frames. This mechanism raises and supports the seat-frame section of the bike when detaching the steering fork from the bike. Once the steering fork is loaded into a vehicle, the elevated seat becomes a perfect transfer platform.

Stiff Frame-Connection

The one-piece frame profile is designed to meet the stringent standards required at both amateur and professional competitions. Using a “Y” shaped connecting-weld between the fork and frame, along with a special internal reinforcement structure, the Shark is able to deliver superior efficiency and better overall propulsion.

Adjustable Rear Axle Sleeve

The Quickie Shark features an adjustable rear axle-sleeve that provides riders a choice between 20” and 26” rear wheels. The 20” diameter wheels are best suited for narrow winding tracks that demand greater maneuverability. The 26” wheels are best suited for straight fast tracks. Either way, this versatile axle-sleeve is up to the task.

Recreational or Racer

Whether recreational rider or professional racer, the Quickie Shark offers a gear configuration to fit individual needs. The choices begin with a simple 7-speed touring configuration and end with our 27 speed multi-size racing configuration that offers three different shifting options.

Neck Support

For individuals using a heavily reclined backrest, an optional neck support is available. This support matches the curvature of the rider’s lower neck, providing additional support for long rides.

Many Frame Colors

Interested in a stylish bike? The Quickie Shark offers a selection of standard, glossy and matt frame finishes. In total, there are over 26 different frame colors to choose from.

Grip Choices

The handgrip is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of a hand cycle’s propulsion system. This is why the Shark offers both vertical and horizontal handles. The vertical handles are also available in standard and small diameters, helpful for athletes who have more limited hand functionality and need handles they can hook their fingers around.

Safety First

Safety is an important focus in any high-speed product. This is why the Shark features optional protection plates on the top and bottom of the drive chain. These carbon-fiber plates protect riders from mud and dirt spraying off the chains, as well as protect their arms and legs from the gear mechanisms.



Product Features

  • Product Weight: From 12,9 kg
  • Frame Width: 340mm - 420mm in 20mm increments - (34cm - 42cm in 2cm increments)
  • Rear: Angle adjustable 20º to 60º
  • Crank Length: 155 - 175 mm in 5 mm increments - (15.5cm - 17.5cm in 0.5cm increments)
  • Gear: 3x10 Shimano
  • Brake: Sram
  • Frame Colours: 30 colours available

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