Savannah Slatted Bath Board

The bath board is a great solution for users who have difficulty climbing in and out of the bath.

The smooth reinforced plastic slats provide ease of transfer onto and off the bath board.

The brackets of the slatted bath board include a serrated face and rubber buffers to help secure the board in place.

• Strong, comfortable, & quick drainage design

• Rubber pads prevent board slipping on bath rim

• Slats fully sealed against ingress of water

• Stainless steel fittings (corrosion resistant)

Technical Information

Width = 232mm (9 ¼”)

Max. User Weight = 190Kg (30st)

Size Options:
• 24” (610mm) (1.8Kg)
• 25” (635mm) (1.9Kg)
• 26” (660mm) (2.0Kg)
• 27” (686mm) (2.1Kg)
• 28” (711mm) (2.2Kg)
• 30” (762mm) (2.3Kg)

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