Nivano Height-Adjustable Shower Changing Table

Electric Operation

The Nivano changing table has a travel range of 700mm and can easily lift a patient up to 135kg from near floor level to a convenient height for washing and changing. It folds away very neatly when not in use, protruding just 220mm from the wall and features battery back-up for safe lowering in the event of a power failure.

The unit is wall-fixed and normally also floor-standing. However, it can be fixed higher on the wall if desired, so if you want you can even have it over a bath! And we continue to offer the exceptional range of options – including head rests and padded tops - available on our previous CT range of changing tables. 

Product Features
• Weight capacity 135kg
• Bed sizes up to 1900 x 700mm
• All stainless steel construction
• Suitable for use in wet areas
• Protrudes just 220mm from wall when stowed

• Fold-out guard
• Guard bumper
• Removable mattress
• Water collection tray with drain hose
• Anti-splash skirt
• Tilting backrest
• Padded top (choice of colours)

Technical Information

Length: 1200mm -1900mm

Depth: 920mm

Height: 200mm lowest, 900mm highest

Weight Capacity: 135kg

Cover height: 1440mm

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