Kiddy Coyote - Manual


The Kiddy Coyote is a scaled down version of the adult Coyote Shimano 8 handcycle. It has a 16” wheel instead of 20” and a 4 speed Nexus geared hub with Coaster brake. The Kiddy Coyote also cones with a fully enclosed chain guard

Gear Changing

The gear shifter is mounted on the handlebar.

The unique design of the Nexus hub allows you to shift gears while continuing to peddle. You can also shift gear when the coyote is stationary although in practice we have found that children rarely use the gear shifter and tend to use just one speed only.


There are no brake levers to contend with, no cable adjustment and no fumbling around trying to adjust the brake blocks. The Coyote comes equipped with a coaster brake, commonly called a back peddle brake. Just push the handle bars away from and the brakes will bring you to a halt.

Docking System

The Coyote hand cycle can be connected to most rigid wheelchairs via a docking system that is permanently mounted under the wheelchair. It is lightweight, and adds approximately one kilogram to the weight of the chair. Once connected it takes only seconds to dock on.

The rear of the docking system is bolted to either the back axle or a bar going across the back of the chair. The front is bolted to the bar underneath the front of the seat. Some chairs do not have this bar, Kuschall for example. In this case we tailor a bar to the chair, which is then bolted on using the existing holes.

The docking system will add around 1 Kilogram to the weight of the wheelchair and once fitted actually strengthens the frame of the wheelchair.

Technical Information

Cycle Weight  10kg
Transmission   4 speed Nexus Hub
Brakes   Coaster
Wheel size  16”


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